Progressive Performance of ancient songs
New World Renaissance Band
Nightwatch 1006


    Bernart de Ventadorn:
  1. Non es meravelha s'eu chan

  2. Juan del Encina:
  3. Oy comamos y bebamos

  4. Trad., Ireland:
  5. She moved throughthe fair / Once I had a sweetheart

  6. Anon., Hungary, 16th c.:
  7. Minden állat ör&*uuml;l az tavasznak

  8. Filippo Azzaiolo:
  9. Chi passa per 'sta strada

  10. Anon.:
  11. Bassa Dance

  12. Trad., Sephardic:
  13. La prima vez

  14. (lyrics) Anon., Ms. Benedicbeurn, 13th c. (melody) Anon., 14th c. Lauda:
  15. Dum estas inchoatur

  16. Anon., 16th c.:
  17. Tourdion

  18. Anon.:
  19. Greensleeves

  20. Martin Codax:
  21. Quantas sabedes amar amigo

  22. Thomas Ford: Musicke of Sundrie Kindes, Pt 1
  23. Since first I saw your face

Playing time: 50' 07"

Performers: New World Renaissance [Malcolm Smith (fiddle, gypsy guitar), Ray Dillard (percussion), Bob Bielefeld (soprano, alto, tenor and great bass recorders), Owain Phyfe (voice, chitarra battente), Max Dyer (cello, bass, viola d'amore, viola d'braccio), Martha Gay (harp), Stefano Pando (lute, oud, classical guitar, steel string guitar, bass guitar, dulcimer)]

Recording site and date:
Height Sound Studio, Houston, Texas, USA [1995]

Reviewed in:
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Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
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