Thys Yool

Thys Yool - A Medieval Christmas
Martin Best Medieval Ensemble
Nimbus 5137 [CD]
Nimbus 7103 [CD]


  1. Personent hodie
  2. Judas and Wenceslas
  3. Hyer Matin
  4. Miri it is
  5. Man mei longe
  6. Thys yool
  7. Tapster, drynker
  8. Ja pour hyver
  9. Gabriel from Heven-King
  10. Chester nuns' song
  11. Hail Mary full of grace
  12. As I lay on Yoolis night
  13. Edi be thu
  14. Perperit virgo
  15. O virgo splendens
  16. Loor de Santa Maria
  17. Polorum Regina
  18. Mariam matrem
  19. I pray you all
  20. Ther is no rose
  21. Caligo Terrae Scinditur
  22. Princeps pacis
  23. Mors vitae

Performers: Martin Best (voice, lute, psaltery), Lucie Skeaping (voice, rebecs, fidele), David Corkhill (dulcimer, drums, bells), Jeremy Barlow (pipes, recorders, flute), Donna Dean (soprano), Kristine Szulik (alto), Angus Smith (tenor)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: May 1988

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Todd M. McComb