Songs of Carl Michael Bellman

Songs of Carl Michael Bellman
Martin Best
Nimbus 5174


  1. Epistle 2: So screw up the fiddle
  2. Epistle 71: Ulla, my Ulla, what sayest to my offer
  3. Song 31: Up Amaryllis! Sweetheart, goodmorning
  4. Epistle 82: Come now, ourselves reposing
  5. Song 56: When I'm sitting with my glass
  6. Song 16: Am I born, then I'll be living
  7. Cradle song: Sleep, sweet tiny Carl in peace
  8. Song 64: O'er the misty park of Haga
  9. Song 14: If 6000 dalers they gave me
  10. Epistle 52: Movitz we are forsaken
  11. Epistle 80: As festive a comely shepherdess
  12. Song 32: Come forth, O Lord of night
  13. Song 38: A Potiphar's wife in her beauteous way
  14. Epistle 54: Never an iris upon these pallid fields

Performers: Martin Best (voice, guitar, cittern)

Playing time: 45'

Recording date: June 1982 (Wyastone Leys)

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