Paris 1200

Paris 1200
Perotin & Leonin - Chant and polyphony from 12th century France
Nimbus 5547


  1. Breves dies hominis
  2. Virtutum thronus frangitur
  3. Pange melos lacrimosum
  4. Te sanctum dominum
  5. Ave Maria fons letitie
  6. Ave virgo virginum
  7. Olim sudor Herculis
  8. Condimentum nostre spei
  9. Sic mea fata
  10. Mundus vergens
  11. Mens fidem / Encontre / In odorem
  12. Gaude Maria virgo
  13. Veris ad imperia
  14. O curas hominum
  15. Procurans odium
  16. Diffusa est gratia
  17. Veste nuptiali
  18. Mors vite propitia

Performers: Jeffrey Johnson, Lawrence Lipnik, Kurt-Owen Richards, John Olund, Richard Porterfield, Stephen Rosser

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: August 1997 (Leominster Priory)

This interpretation and the discussion surrounding it focus on some rather facile aspects of this music while ignoring others. However, the performance has become correspondingly popular and can perhaps serve to increase interest in this music.

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Todd M. McComb