Pygott: Missa Veni sancte spiritus

Pygott and Mason: Music for Cardinal Wolsey
Christ Church Cathedral Choir - Stephen Darlington
Nimbus 5578


    Richard Pygott: Missa Veni sancte spiritus
  1. Gloria
  2. Credo
  3. Sanctus
  4. Agnus Dei
  5. John Mason: O rex gloriose

Performers: William Balkwill, William Bowes, Daniel Collins, Nicholas Cropp, David Evans, George Humphreys, Benedict McCarey, Justin Rammell, Luke Schofield, Tobias Sheppard, Sebastian Thomson, Thomas Waller, Oliver Wing (treble); Richard Hoult, Martyn Jones, Andrew Olleson, David Skinner (mean); Simon Berridge, Alex Hickey, Tom Phillips, Chris Watson (contratenor); William Clements, James Glazebrook, Guy Wilson, Julian Wright (tenor); Simon Birchall, Jeremy Hargreaves, Robert Macdonald, Costas Peristianis (bass)

Playing time: 52'20

Recording date: March 1994

Richard Pygott (c1485-1549) was the choirmaster in the household chapel of the cardinal Thomas Wolsey, founder of Christ Church College, Oxford. His mass setting on Veni sancte spiritus is a typically ornate English festal mass. John Mason (d1548) was a chaplain of the cardinal's chapel, and later acted as master of the choristers at Cardinal College (the original name of Christ Church College).

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Christ Church Cathedral Choir - Stephen Darlington
Metronome 1030/31

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