Plainchant & Polyphony from Medieval Germany

Plainchant & Polyphony from Medieval Germany
Schola Antiqua - R. John Blackley, dir.
Nonesuch H-71 312 [LP]


    Advent / Christmas

  1. Introit: Ad te levavi
  2. Troped Benedicamus: Congaudeat turba
  3. Introit: Puer natus est
  4. Communion: Viderunt omnes
  5. Troped Benedicamus: Johannes postquam senuit
  6. Processional Song: Hodie progreditur
  7. Passiontide

  8. Hymn: Gloria laus et honor
  9. Communion: Dominus Jesus
  10. Antiphon: Christus factus est
  11. Monody: Hely, hely

  12. -----


  13. Psalm verse & tract: Confitemini ... Laudate
  14. Conductus: Unicornis captivatur
  15. Gradual: Hec dies
  16. Motet: Ad regnum / Noster cetus
  17. Pentecost

  18. Introit: Spiritus Domini
  19. Communion: Factus est repente
  20. Troped Benedicamus: Catholicorum concio
  21. Parousia

  22. Gospel: Cum natus esset Jesus
  23. Responsory verse: Gloria in excelsis

Playing time: 20' 19" + 21' 54" = 42' 13"

Schola Antiqua [Louise Basbas (alto), Alexander Blachly (bass), Betsy Blachly (soprano, tabor), R. John Blackley (baritone), Ursula Fobes (alto), Wendy Gillespie (soprano, vielle), David Goldstein (baritone), Iris Hiskey (soprano), Nobu Siraisi (baritone), Lawrence Rosenwald (baritone), Cinthya Schwan (soprano, recorder)] - R. John Blackley, dir.

Recording site and date:
St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University, NY, USA [06/1974]

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