Sing We Noel

Sing We Noel
Christmas Music from England & Early America
The Boston Camerata - Joël Cohen, dir.
Nonesuch H-71354 [LP]
Nonesuch 9 71354 [CD]
Nonesuch N5 354 [Cassette]


    Anon., England, 15th c.
  1. Nowel, Out of Your Slepe

  2. Anon., England, 12th c.
  3. Ad cantus leticie

  4. Anon., England, 14th c.
  5. Angelus ad virginem

  6. Anon., England, 15th c.
  7. Synge we to this Mery Cumpane

  8. Wycliffe New Testament, ca 1380.
  9. Reading: And the Aungel Gabriel was sent fro God
    Anon., England, 13th c.
    Gabriel from Evene King

  10. Anon., England, 15th c.
  11. Nova, nova: Aue fitt ex Eva

  12. Anon., England, 15th c.
  13. Mervele Nought

  14. Anon., England, 12th c.
  15. Exultemus et letemus

  16. ----
    Anon., USA, 19th c.
  17. The Midnight Cry

  18. Anon., Scotland, 20th c.
  19. Sunny Bank

  20. Anon., Scotland, 15th c.
  21. All Sons of Adam

  22. Anon., England, 16th c. & improvisation
  23. Greensleeves

  24. Anon., England, 14th c.
  25. Reading: Iesu Sweete Sone Dere

  26. Anon., USA, 20th c.
  27. Lully, Thou Tiny Little Child
    Anon., England, 16th c.
    The Coventry Carol

  28. Anon., England, 18th c.
  29. While Shepherds Watched
    Daniel Read

  30. Anon., USA, 19th c.
  31. Fulfillment

  32. Anon., England, 17th c.
  33. My Little Sweet Darling

  34. Anon., England, 14th c.
  35. Reading: Make We Mere As We May

  36. Anon., England, 20th c.
  37. Gloucestershire

Playing time: 18' 42" + 22' 22" = 41' 04"

The Boston Camerata:
Nancy Armstrong (soprano), Mark Baker (baritone, concertina), Paul Blanchard (counter-tenor), John Clarke (tenor), Joël Cohen (lute, percussion), Bruce Fithian (tenor), Alison Fowle (treble viol, tenor viol), Sallie Gordon (soprano), David Griesinger (tenor), Rufus Hallmark (tenor), Curt Hayashi (bass), Laura Jeppesen (vielle, violin, bass viol), Nancy Joyce (recorders, flute, shawm, krummhorn, bass viol), Susan Klebanow (soprano), Deborah Prince (soprano), Richard Riley (counter-tenor), Kenneth Roth (recorders, shawm, Baroque oboe, krummhorn, dulcian), Jane Shaw (alto), Charles Robert Stephens (bass), Nicholas Lindfield (reader)
Joël Cohen, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1978 or prior]

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