Christmas in Anglia

Christmas in Anglia
Early English Music for Christmastide
Ensemble for Early Music - Frederick Renz, dir.
Nonesuch H-71 369 [LP]


    Anon., 13th c.
  1. Rex virginum amator

  2. Anon., 13th c.
  3. a) Edi beo thu
    Anon., 13th c.
    b) Alleluya psallat
    Anon., 14th c.
    c) Angelus ad virginem

  4. Anon., 15th c.
  5. Qui creavit celum

  6. Anon., 14th c.
  7. Estampie

  8. Anon., 15th c.
  9. Nowell, Nowell! This Is The Salutacion

  10. Anon., 15th c.
  11. Nowel Owt of Your Slepe

  12. Anon., 15th c.
  13. Ther Is No Rose of Swych Vertu

  14. ----
    Anon., 16th c.
  15. Lully, Lulla, Thou Little Thiny Child

  16. Anon., 16th c.
  17. Tandernacken

  18. Anon., 17th c.
  19. All Sons of Adam

  20. Trad., Ireland
  21. Irish Air

  22. Anon., 16th c.
  23. Balulalow (I Come From Hevin)

  24. Anon., 17th c.
  25. a) Scots Air: Sueit Smyling Katie Loves Me
    Anon., 16th c.
    b) Now Blessed Be Thou
    Anon., 17th c.
    c) Scots Air: Kathren Oggie
    Anon., 17th c.
    d) Come My Children Dere
    Anon., 17th c.
    e) Scots Air: Green Grows the Rushes
    Anon., 18th c.
    f) Greensleeves (The Old Year Now Away Is Fled)

Playing time: 19' 30" + 20' 50" = 40' 20"

Ensemble for Early Music - Frederick Renz, dir.
Johana Arnold (soprano), Daniel Collins (countertenor), Wendy Gillespie (rebec, vielle, violin, mandora), David Hart (flute, recorder, penny whistle, lute, mandora, harp), Frederick Renz (organistrum, tambourine, bells)

Recording site and date:
St. James, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine [03/1978]

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