Antonius de Civitate

Antonius de Civitate
Un musicista friulano tra Ars Nova ed Ars Subtilior - Opera omnia - A composer from Friuli between Ars Nova and Ars Subtilior (XIV-XV cent.)
DRAMSAM - Accademia Jaufré Rudel
Nota CD 2.46 [CD]


  1. Strenua quem duxit / Gaudeat et tanti (motet) [voices, vielles, lute]
  2. Loingtemps j'ay mis mon cuer [voice, vielles, harp, soprano shawm, hurdy-gurdy, lute]
  3. Credo in unum Deum [voices, choir, viol, vielle, contralto shawm, lute]
  4. Gloria in Excelsis [shawms, hurdy-gurdy, drum, naqqara]
  5. Pie pater Dominice / O Petre martir inclite / O Thomas lux ecclesie (motet) [instrumental: psaltery - vocal: voices, alto shawm, vielle, lute]
  6. Vous soyes tres bien venus [voice, vielles, lute, portative organ, shawm, psaltery, tenor recorder]
  7. Gloria in Excelsis [instrumental: lute, harp, organ - vocal: voices, alto shawm, portative organ, vielle]
  8. Sanctus itaque patriarcha Leuntius [voice, shawm, vielles, lute, portative organ]
  9. Merci, por dieu merci, ma dame [voice, lut, viol]
  10. Gloria in Excelsis [voices, shawms]
  11. Inclita persplendens [psaltery]
  12. O felix flos Florentia / Gaude, felix Dominice (motet) [voices, shawm, vielles]
  13. Je suy si las venus [voices, hurdy-gurdy, vielle, shawm]
  14. Io veggio per stasone [voices, bombarde, vielle, lute]
  15. Gloria in Excelsis [voice, choir, vielles, portative organ]

Playing time: 55' 51"

Fabio Accurso (medieval lutes), Fabio Cavalli (recorder, portative organ, voice), Giusesppe Paolo Cecere (voice, vielle, viol, hurdy-gurdy, psaltery, shawm), Annalisa Clemente (vielle), Alessandra Cossi (voice), Bronislawa Falinska (voice), Alison Gangler (shawms, bombarde), Nicoletta Sanzin (gothic harp)
Cappella Vocale dell'Accademia Jaufré Rudel
Rossella Candotto, Nadia Cecere, Marcello Dal Pio Luogo, Sivia Zazzaro (portativ organ)
Giuseppe Paolo Cecere, musical direction

Recording site and date:
Udine, Italy [03-04/1997]

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