Ghirardello da Firenze

Ghirardello da Firenze
Madrigali, Cacce, Ballate dal Codice Squarcialupi
Ensemble Modo Antiquo - Frederico Maria Sardelli / Bettina Hoffmann
Nuova Era NE 7151
Nuova Era 232910


    E cantare e sonare e carolare
  1. Ballata: Per non far liet'alcun (voice, winds, vielle, lute)
  2. Madrigal: Allo spirar dell'arie brun (voice, winds, lute, organ)
  3. Ballata: I' vo' bene a chi vol bene a me (voice, winds, lute, percussion)
  4. Ballata: Donna, l'altrui mirar che fate (voice, winds, vielle)
  5. Madrigal: Cacciando un giorno alla vaga foresta (voice, winds, percussion)
  6. Madrigal: Si forte vola la pernice bella (voice, winds, organ)
  7. Ballata: Deponi amore a me (voice, winds)
  8. Madrigal: Una colomba più che neve bianca (2 voices, winds, vielle)
  9. Ballata: I' vo amando sempre con paura (voice, percussion)
  10. Madrigal: Sotto verdi fraschetti (2 voices, winds, percussion)

  11. Cacciando in Villa
  12. Caccia: Tosto che l'alba (2 voices, winds, vielle, lute, percussion)
  13. Madrigal: Per prender cacciagion (2 voices, winds, organ)
  14. Madrigal: Intrand' ad abitar per una selva (2 voices, winds, vielle, lute, percussion)
  15. Madrigal: La bella e la vezzosa cavriola (2 voices, winds, vielle, lute, percussion)
  16. Madrigal: L'aquila bella negra (voice, winds, vielle)
  17. Madrigal: Con levrieri e mastini (2 voices, winds, vielle, lute, percussion)

Performers: Daryl Greene (soprano), Michel Van Goethem (alto), Stephen Woodbury (alto), Paolo Fanciullacci (tenor), Federico Maria Sardelli (recorder, cornet, shawm, krumhorn), Ugo Galasso (recorder, krumhorn, shawm), Bettina Hoffmann (vielle), Gian Luca Lastraioli (lute), Annaberta Conti (organ), Luca Brunelli Felicetti (percussion)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: August 1991, October 1992
Rel.: 1992 or later (7151), 2010 (232910)

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 17/2- (November/December 1993; 34/2-357 (November/December 2010)

Ghirardello da Firenze (c.1320-1362) was the leading Italian composer of the middle fourteenth century, and one of the main figures who established the Florentine dominance of the Ars Nova style in Italy. Judging by the preservation of his output, he was one of the most respected composers of the middle decades of the Trecento.

Previously, Italian music was relatively uncomplicated compared to that originating from the orbit of Paris.

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