Faszination Alte Musik

Faszination Alte Musik
Lieder & Tänze des Mittelalters
Ensemble Unicorn Wien - Michael Posch, dir.
Naxos 8.505075 [CDx5]


This is a 5 CDs box containing previously issued individual CDs:

  1. Naxos 8.553132 On the way to Bethlehem - Music of the Medieval Pilgrim
  2. Naxos 8.553618 Codex Faenza - Instrumental Music of the Early XVth Century
  3. Naxos 8.553133 Alfonso X El Sabio: Cantigas de Santa Maria
  4. Naxos 8.554256 The Black Madonna - Pilgrim Songs from the Monastery of Monsterrat
  5. Naxos 8.553131 Chominciamento di gioia - Virtuoso dance music from the time of Boccaccio's Decamerone

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