Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree
Estampie - Graham Derrick, dir.
Naxos 8 553442


    Walther von Vogelweide:
  1. Pälastinalied

  2. Richard I, Coeur de Lion:
  3. Je nuis homs pris

  4. Blondel de Nesle:
  5. A L'entrrant d'este

  6. Raimbaut de Vaquerias:
  7. Kalenda Maya

  8. Anon., England:
  9. Novus miles sequitur
  10. Estampie

  11. Anon., France:
  12. Clap, clap, par un matin s'en aloit Robin

  13. Anon.:
  14. Robin Hood

  15. William Cornyshe:
  16. Ah! Robin

  17. Anon.:
  18. The Wedding of Robin Hood
  19. Under the Greenwood Tree
  20. Sellengers Round
  21. Greensleeves
  22. Greensleeves

  23. Henry Stoninges:
  24. Browning my dear (on the theme, "The leaves be Green")

  25. Anon.:
  26. Robin Hood & the Curtal Friar
  27. Robin Hood & the Tanner

  28. Claude Gervaise: Quart Livre de Danceries
  29. Pavanne: La Venissienne

  30. Claude Gervaise: Sixième Livre de Danceries
  31. Gaillarde

  32. Anon.
  33. Robin Hood & Maid Marian

  34. John Playford: The Dancing Master
  35. The Green Man

  36. John Playford:
  37. Greenwood
  38. Nottingham Castle
  39. Green Goose Fair

  40. Anon.:
  41. Sweet Angel of England (from tune "Bonnie Sweet Robin")

  42. Thomas Simpson:
  43. Ricercar on "Bonnie Sweet Robin"

  44. Thomas Weelkes:
  45. When Kempe did dance alone (or "Robin Hood, Maid Marian & Little John are gone")

  46. Anon., Scotland:
  47. O Lusty May

John Bryan (alto shawm, bass viol), Deborah Catterall (mezzo-soprano, percussion), Graham Derrick (recorders, renaissance guitar, cittern, percussion), Susan Marshall (rebecs, medieval fiddle, renaissance violin), John Peel (lute, bagpipe, pipe & tabor, recorder, bass curtal), Ian Richardson (soprano & sopranino schnitzer schreierpfeifen, recorders, tenor curtal, percussion)
Graham Derrick - dir.

Playing time: 66' 26"

Recording site and date:
High Denton Farm, Ilkley, North Yorkshire, England [04/1995]

[1]-[4], [6] Naxos 8.503192 [CD] Time of the Templars

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Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 21/6-286 (july/august 1998)

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Pierre-F. Roberge

The program is oriented around music pertaining to the legend of Robin Hood.

A similar title:

The Leaves be Green
James Tyler / Musica Viva
RCM 19604

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