Buxheimer Orgelbuch

Das Buxheimer Orgelbuch, Volume 3
Praeambula / Organ Transcriptions / Paumann: Incipit Fundamentum
Joseph Payne
Naxos 8.553468


  1. Praeambulum super C (No. 216)
  2. Entrepis (No. 106)
  3. Wann ich betracht die vasenacht (No. 175)
  4. Sub tuam protectionem (No. 40)
  5. Möcht mich gedencken bringen dahin (No. 215)
  6. Ker uber her zu mir ker her (No. 183)
  7. Vil lieber zeit uff diser Erde (No. 51)
  8. Wach uff myn Hört (No. 218)
  9. Wolhin lass vögelin sorgen (No. 219)
  10. Praeambulum super C (No. 194)
  11. Lieblich vernüwet (No. 220)
  12. Min lieby zart (No. 192)
  13. Min Hertz In höhen fröude (No. 67)
  14. Trinck und gib mir auch (No. 173)
  15. Des Klaffers nÿd tüt mich mÿden (No. 146)
  16. Es für ein buwer Jns holtze (No. 182)
  17. Hertz mut und all myn synn (No. 197)
  18. Luffile (No. 198)
  19. Der dickel mit siner höuwerin (No. 177)
  20. Bonus tactus super f e d c d (? Paumann; unidentified)
  21. Der winter will hin wichen der was mir huwer also lang (No. 32)
  22. Der winter will hin wichen (No. 33)
  23. Der winter (No. 34)
  24. Ob lieb din Lieb (No. 180)
  25. Die ich erwelt und mir gewelt (No. 179)
  26. Min hertz In hohen fröuden (No. 181)
  27. Ellend (No. 94)
  28. Vil lieber zit (No. 217)
  29. Paumann: Incipit Fundamentum M.C.P.C. (No. 189)
  30. In idem Redeuntes (No. 189)
  31. Bonus tactus (No. 189)

Instrument: Organ at Southern College of Seventh-Day Adventists, Tennessee by John Brombaugh (1984; opus 27); mean-tone tuning after Renaissance models

Playing time: 78'

Recording date: May 1995

By far the longest piece here is the Incipit Fundamentum of Conrad Paumann (c.1410-1473), a sort of cycles of études consisting of various contrapuntal devices over bass themes. Although we can appreciate the artistic merits of such a piece (or rather individual pieces played in succession, not really variations) today, it was undoubtedly designed with a didactic purpose in mind.

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