Hume: Poeticall musicke, vol. 1

Hume: Poeticall musicke, vol. 1
Les Voix Humaines
Naxos 8.554126


  1. Cease leaden slumber - The Queenes New-yeares gift
  2. The King of Denmarkes delight
  3. A Mery Conceit - The Q delight
  4. My hope is revived - The Lady of Suffolkes delight
  5. My joyes are coming - The Lady of Bedfords delight
  6. Musicke and Mirth - The Lady Hattons delight
  7. The Earle of Mountgomeries delight
  8. Start, The Lady of Sussex delight
  9. An Almaine - The Lady Canes delight
  10. An Almaine - The Duke of Holstones delight, The Dukes Almaine
  11. A Maske - The Earle of Sussex delight
  12. A French Almaine - The Duke of Lenox delight
  13. An Almaine - M.S.Georges delight
  14. What greater griefe
  15. Sweete Musicke - The Earle of Salisburies favoret

Performers: Les Voix Humaines - Susie Napper (baroque cello & viola da gamba), Margaret Little (baroque violin & viola da gamba), Daniel Taylor (countertenor), Réjean Poirier (organ & harpsichord), Paul Audet (lute), Stephen Stubbs (lute), Francis Colpron (recorders).

Playing time: 61'52"

Recording date: January, 1996 (Église Saint-Augustin, St-Augustin de Mirabel, Québec, Canada)

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