Oh Flanders Free

Oh Flanders Free
Music of the Flemish Renaissance
Ockeghem / Josquin / Susato / La Rue
Capilla Flamenca
Alamire LUB 03
Naxos 8.554516


  1. Chant: Requiem aeternam (voice)
  2. Anon., Zeghere van Male Songbook: Preludium (recorder, 3 viols)
  3. Anon., Zeghere van Male Songbook: Laus Deo (4 voices)
  4. Thomas Fabri (fl.1400-1415): Ach Vlaendere vrie (3 voices)
  5. Busnois: Alleluya (4 voices)
  6. Magister Guglielmo (c.1425-after 1480): Falla con misuras (3 viols)
  7. Ockeghem: Ma maistresse (3 voices)
  8. Fabri: Ach Vlaendere vrie (recorder, 2 viols)
  9. Ockeghem: D'ung aultre amer (voice, 3 viols)
  10. Mattio Rampollini (1497-c.1553): Bacco, bacco (4 voices, recorder, 3 viols)
  11. Josquin: El grillo (4 voices)
  12. Isaac: Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen (voice, recorder, 3 viols)
  13. Anon., MS Ludovico Milanese: Sergonta Bergonta (4 voices, recorder, 3 viols)
  14. Josquin: Kyrie "La sol fa re mi" (4 voices)
  15. Josquin, attr.: Guillaume se va chaufer (4 voices)
  16. Anon., Chansonnier de Margarite: Cueurs desolez (4 voices, recorder, 3 viols)
  17. Anon: D'ung aultre amer (2 viols)
  18. Basiron: D'ung aultre amer / Lhome arme (recorder, 3 viols)
  19. Henry VIII: Pastime with good company (3 voices)
  20. Susato: Passe & Medio / Den iersten gaillarde (recorder, 3 viols)
  21. Verdelot: Ogn'hor per voi sospiro (2 voices, 2 viols)
  22. La Rue: Mijn hert altijt heeft verlanghen (4 voices, recorder, 3 viols)

Performers: Marnix De Cat (countertenor), Jan Caals (tenor), Lieven Termont (baritone), Dirk Snellings (bass), Paul Van Loey (recorders), Sophie Watillon (viol), Eugeen Schreurs (viol), Liam Fenelly (viol), Paul Van Goethem (countertenor)

Playing time: 55'

Recording date: September 1996

The title of the "Alamire" release was Magister X, including a book introducing polyphony.

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Todd M. McComb