Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion

Adam de la Halle: Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion
Tonus Peregrinus - Antony Pitts
Naxos 8.557337


    Adam de la Halle / Anon. (?)
  1. Motet: Mout / Robins m'aime / Portare

  2. Adam de la Halle / Anon. (?): Li jus du Pélerin
  3. Pilgrim's Prologue
  4. Adam de la Halle

    Scene I: Marion is happily minding her own business
  5. Robins m'aime (Marion)
  6. Je me repairoie (Knight)
  7. Hé Robin (Marion)
  8. ...when along comes a Knight on the lookout...
  9. Vous perdés vos paine (Marion)
  10. ...but Marion means no when she says so...
  11. Bergeronnete sui (Marion)
  12. ...and the Knight leaves empty-handed.
  13. Trairi deluriau (Marion + Knight)
  14. Rondeau II: Li dous regars
  15. Rondeau XV: Tant con je vivrai

  16. Scene II: Robin makes his way to Marion
  17. Hé Robechon leure leure va (Marion + Robin)
  18. ...and tastes some of her fare...
  19. Vous l'orrés bien dire (Robin)
  20. ...and tests her fidelity...
  21. Bergeronnete douche baisselete (Robin + Marion)
  22. ...and she tests her dancing prowess...
  23. Robin par l'ame (Marion + Robin)
  24. ...and Robin goes for her reinforcements...
  25. ...his manly cousins.
  26. Motet II: De ma Dame / Dieus / Omnes

  27. Scene III
  28. Robin rounds up guests for the party.
  29. Motet: Mout / Robins m'aime / Portare

  30. Scene IV
  31. The Knight returns to find his bird...
  32. J'oi Robin flagoler (Marion)
  33. ...beats up Robin and kidnaps Marion...
  34. Hé resveille toi Robin (Gautier li Testus)
  35. ...but Robin is aroused to the point of valour.
  36. Rondeau III: Hareu

  37. Scene V
  38. Marion sees off the Knight, her friends roll up...
  39. Aveuc tele compaignie (tous)
  40. ...and it's time for all kinds of party games.

  41. Scene VI
  42. Robin rescues a sheep, declares his love...
  43. J'ai encore un tel pasté (Robin)
  44. ...and promises some delicacies of his own...
  45. Que jou ai un tel capon
  46. ...when he returns.
  47. Motet I: A Dieu / Adam / Super

  48. Scene VII
  49. Robin brings a pair of horns to the party
  50. Audigier (Gautiers li Testus)
  51. ...gets over his jealousy and gets everyone on their feet..
  52. Venés apres moi (Robin et al.)
  53. Motet: Mout me fu grief il departir / Robins m'aime / Portare

Tonus Peregrinus
Mary Remnant (bells, drum, fiddle, gittern/citole, harp, pipe and tabor, rebec, shawm, symphony, copy of Whitecastle pipe), John Crook (« Adam li Bochus/Pilgrim/narrator », voices), Alexander Hickey (« Aubert li Chevaliers/Sir Albert » tenor), Richard Eteson (« Beaudons/Baldwin » coconuts, tenor), Francis Brett (« Gautiers li testus/Walter the Mule » bass), Joanna Forbes (« Huars/Howard » soprano), Kathryn Oswald (« Marion » alto), Rebecca Hickey (« Péronelle » soprano), Alexander L'Estrange (« Robin » tambourine, counter-tenor) , Antony Pitts (bagpipe drone, copy of Billingsgate trumpet, cowhorn, portative organ, tambourine)
Antony Pitts, dir.

Playing time: 74' 26"

Recording site and date:
[1]-[22], [24]-[45] Sedgwick Park, West Sussex, UK [10, 11/2003];
[23] Finchcocks, Goudhurst, Kent, UK [09/2004];
Rel.: 2006

[3], [45] Naxos 8.503192 [CD] Time of the Templars

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 30/1-41 (September/october 2006)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 1006-86 (june 2006)

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