Dunstaple: Masses and Motets

Sweet Harmony
Dunstaple: Masses and Motets
Tonus Peregrinus - Antony Pitts
Naxos 8.557341


  1. Quam pulchra es (JD44)
  2. Kyrie (JD1)
  3. Gloria a 4 (JD11)
  4. Credo a 4 (JD12)
  5. Gloria "Jesu Christe Fili Dei" (JD15)
  6. Credo "Jesu Christe Fili Dei" (JD16)
  7. Sanctus (JD6)
  8. Credo "Da gaudiorum premia" (JD17)
  9. Sanctus "Da gaudiorum premia" (JD18)
  10. Agnus Dei (JD14)
  11. Veni Sancte Spiritus / Veni Creator (JD32)
  12. Gloria in canon (reconstruction)

Performers: Joanna Forbes (soprano), Rebecca Hickey (soprano), Kathryn Oswald (alto), Alexander L'Estrange (countertenor), Richard Eteson (tenor), Alexander Hickey (tenor), Timothy Watson (tenor), Francis Brett (bass)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: January 2004 (Dordogne)

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Todd M. McComb