Gombert: Motets / Chansons / Magnificat

Gombert: Motets / Chansons / Magnificat
Capella Alamire / Noël Bisson & Woodman Consort - Peter Urquhart
Naxos 8.570180


  1. Salve regina à 4 (choir)
  2. A quoy tient il à 4 (soprano, consort)
  3. Je suis trop jonette à 3 (soprano, consort)
  4. O gloriosa Dei genitrix à 4 (choir)
  5. Ave Maria à 5 (choir)
  6. Mort et fortune à 4 (soprano, consort)
  7. Triste depart à 5 (soprano, consort)
  8. O malheureuse journée à 5 (choir)
  9. Tous les regretz à 6 (choir)
  10. Pleust a Dieu à 3 (soprano, consort)
  11. Or suis je prins à 4 (soprano, consort)
  12. Aspice Domine à 4 (choir)
  13. Ave regina caelorum à 5 (choir)
  14. Par un regard à 3 (consort)
  15. En attendant à 6 (soprano, consort)
  16. Magnificat quarti toni à 6 (choir)

Performers: Jeremy Marcus, Vaughan Howells, Charles Turner, Melinda McMahon, Erik Gross, Carolann Buff, William Hudson, Kristin Dexter Cote, Edward Hinson (voices); Noël Bisson (soprano), Daniel Beller-McKenna, Gary Hodges, Mary Rasmussen, Peter Urquhart, Emily Urquhart (viols)

Playing time: 68'

Recording dates: June & July 1997 (Capella Alamire), November 1999 (Bisson & Woodman Consort); Portsmouth, New Hampshire; CD release: 2006

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 30/5-108 (may/june 2007)

The portions of the program performed by the two different ensembles seem to have been conceived separately.

This is currently the recording with the largest selection of chansons by Gombert.

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