Philippe Gélinas
Olifant OLCD 9545


    Anon., Italy, 14th c.
  1. Ecco la primavera

  2. Anon., England, 13th c.
  3. Edi Beo Thu

  4. Anon., England, 14th c.
  5. Sumer is icumen in

  6. Anon., Italy, 14th c.
  7. Saltarello

  8. Trad., Ireland
  9. Irish Ayre

  10. Anon., France, 13th c.
  11. Li Maus d'amer

  12. Anon., Europe, 13th c.
  13. Stantipes

  14. Anon., Spain, 14th c.
  15. Chançonetta Tedesca

  16. Anon., France, 12th c.
  17. Clausula Domino

  18. Anon., France, 15th c.
  19. Rondel du renouveau

  20. Anon., France, 16th c.
  21. Tourdion

  22. Anon., France, 16th c.
  23. Margot

  24. Anon.
  25. Charivari

  26. Anon., France, 15th c.
  27. J'ai vu le cerf

  28. Anon., France, 16th c.
  29. Jean de Nivelle

  30. Anon.,Belgium, 16th c.
  31. Danse Suite: Mein Freund, Hoboeckentanz, Die Post

  32. Anon., England, 16th c.
  33. Greensleeves

  34. Anon., France, 16th c.
  35. Mignonne allons voir si la rose

  36. Anon., Spain, 15/16th c.
  37. Daca bailemos Carillo
    Anon., Spain, 15th c.
    Propinan de Melyor

  38. Anon., France, 15th c.
  39. Olivier Basselin

  40. Anon., France, 15th c.
  41. Ballade

Playing time: 61' 53"

Philippe Gélinas (recorders, lutes, voice, Jew's harp, percussions, harp, bells, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, tenor recorder, sackbut, tranverse flute, horn, bagpipes, tenor sackbut, dulcimer) with Marcel Benoît (lutes, voice, orpharion, viola da gamba, bells), Raymond Desrosiers (percussions, military drum), Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves (voice), Pierre Cartier (voice), Rafik Samman (voice, percussions), Gilles Plante (bagpipe, bass transverse flute), Dan Stilman (shawm, dulcian, tenor crumhorn), Isabelle Marchand (viola da gamba), Diane Plante (violin), Angèle Trudeau (voice), Cécile Gendron (voice), Lise Roy (voice), Béatrice Baillargeon (voice), Douglas Kirk (cornetto, soprano crumhorn, alto crumhorn), Peter Christensen (tenor sackbut, bass sackbut).

Recording site and date:
Studio 270, Canada [2002 or prior], rel. 2003

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