Musica Antiqua Polonica

Musica Antiqua Polonica
Choral Music from Poland
Polish Radio Choir and Chamber Orchestra - Wroclaw Edmund Kajdasz
Olympia 322


  1. Franciszek Lilius: Missa Brevissima
  2. Marcin Mielcczeski: Benedictio et Claritas
  3. Stanislaw Sylwester Szarzynski: As Hymnos, Ad Cantus
  4. Marcin Mielczewski: Triumphalis Dies
  5. Mikolaj Zielenski: Justus ut Palma Florebit
  6. Grzggorz Gerwazy Gorczycki: Illuxit Sol
  7. Wincenty Maxylewicz: Gloria Tibi Trinitas
  8. Franciszek Lilius: Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra
  9. J. Staromieyski: Laudate Pueri

Performers: Polish Radio Choir and Chamber Orchestra

Playing time: 72'29

Recording date: 1-5, 1969; 6-9, 1966

This recording highlights early music composed in Poland during the 17th and 18th centuries. Among others, Franciszek Lilius is especially notable. A descendant of the Italian Gigli family, he made a number of important contributions to Polish music, of which his lovely Missa Brevissima is one. Many of the composers represented here are best known for their polychoral, Renaissance-style pieces; nevertheless, this recording focuses on pieces written in the newer Baroque concertante style.

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Christopher Schifani