Lucente Stella

Lucente Stella
Moyen Age - XXe siècle
Pierre Hamon
Opus 111 30-122


  1. Anon., 13th c.: Lai du chèvrefeuille
  2. Anon., ballata 14th c.: Lucente stella
  3. Anon., istanpitta 14th c.: Belicha
  4. Anon., rondeau 13th c.: Mes cuers est emprisonnés
  5. Anon., 13th c.: Nota
  6. Anon., istanpitta 14th c.: In pro
  7. Makoto Shinohara (b.1931): Fragmente (1968)
  8. Machaut: Tels rit au main
  9. Anon., ballata 14th c.: Non perch'i' speri, donna
  10. Anon., istanpitta 14th c.: Chominciamento di gioia
  11. Maki Ishii (b.1936): Black Intention (1975)
  12. Laguna chant: Chant du papillon

Performers: Pierre Hamon (3-holed flute, bamboo flute, Ganassi recorder, double recorder, cylindrical flute, voice flute, Navajo flute), John Wright (kirghiz guitar - tracks 3 & 10), Habib Yammine (frame drum - track 3, tambourine - tracks 5 & 9), Florence Jacquemart (artistic consultant)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: April 1995

Although using a very wide variety of "flutes" this program maintains the basic recorder sonority as its one constant. The styles of articulation are richly varied, and these are of course especially highlighted in the two two modern compositions. The liner notes are also interesting for a discussion of the medieval recorder.

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