Castello: Sonate

Castello: Sonata Concertate
Europa Galante - Fabio Biondi
Opus 111 30-62


  1. Sonata decima a due violini e basso
  2. Sonata prima a violino e cembalo
  3. Sonata settima a violino cello e basso
  4. Sonata terza a due violini e basso
  5. Sonata seconda a violino e cembalo
  6. Sonata sedicesima a due violini viola e basso
  7. Sonata nona a due violini e basso
  8. Sonata undicesima a due violini cello e basso
  9. Sonata dodicesima a due violini e basso
  10. Sonata quindicesima a due violini viola e basso

Performers: Fabio Biondi (violin), Fabrizio Cipriani (violin), Ettore Belli (viola), Maurizio Naddeo (cello), Rinaldo Alessandrini (harpsichord), Pascal Monteilhet (theorbo)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: March 1992

Dario Castello (fl.1620-30) is a rather obscure figure involved with the early development of the sonata. He was the lead instrumentalist at St. Marks's during Monteverdi's tenure, and published two volumes of instrumental works which were circulated widely in his lifetime. Although primarily known for his wind music, some of Castello's music also works well on the violin.

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