Tartini: Five Sonatas for violin and basso continuo
Staggion bella - Didone abbandonata
Fabio Biondi / Maurizio Naddeo / Rinaldo Alessandrini / Pascal Monteilhet
Opus 111 59-9205


    Sonata in sol minore, Op. 2 No. 7 (B-g11)
  1. Andante affettuoso
  2. Allegro assai
  3. Allegro assai

  4. Sonata "Staggion bella" in si bemolle maggiore, Op. Posth. (B-Bb3)
  5. Andante cantabile
  6. Allegro affettuoso
  7. Giga Allegro

  8. Sonata "Didone abbandonata" in sol minore, Op. 1 No. 10 (B-g10)
  9. Affettuoso
  10. Allegro affettuoso
  11. Allegro

  12. Sonata in la maggiore, Op. 1 No. 9 (B-A15)
  13. Adagio
  14. Allegro affettuoso
  15. Allegro

  16. Sonata in sol maggiore, Op. 1 No. 4 (B-G17)
  17. Grave
  18. Allegro
  19. Allegro assai

Performers: Fabio Biondi (violin), Maurizio Naddeo (cello), Rinaldo Alessandrini (harpsichord), Pascal Monteilhet (theorbo)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: November 1991 (Parma)

Although one of the great violin virtuosos of his time, and not particularly known for his compositions during his lifetime, Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) now provides an important link between the Renaissance & Classical eras. He continued to be interested in Renaissance topics and approaches throughout his life, despite the passion for opera in his contemporaries and other changing circumstances, yet he influenced the young Mozart toward the end of his life. His Sonatas continue to make an impact, both in their virtuoso idiom (especially as regards bowing) and their abstract musical qualities.

Parenthetical designations above are from the Brainerd catalog of Tartini's works.

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