The Birth of Keyboard Repertoire

Fundamentum: The Birth of Keyboard Repertoire
Works by Anon., De Vitry, Ileborgh, Paumann
David Kinsela
Organ.o ORO 202


  1. Clos A1
  2. Dorian Estampie A2
  3. Retrove A3
  4. Adesto A4
  5. Tribum Que A5
  6. Flos Vernalis A6
  7. Asperance (Groningen University)
  8. Empris Domoyrs (Groningen University)
  9. Kyrie A8
  10. Gloria, Benedicimus, Glorificamus A9
  11. Felix Namque A7
  12. Summum Sanctus A15
  13. Munich Voluntary A12
  14. Breslau Voluntary A10
  15. Praeambulum A33-37
    Frowe al myn hoffen A38
  16. Preambulum Super G A30
    Bonus Tenor Leohardi A19
  17. Wol Up Ghesellen Yst An Der Tyet A14
  18. Der Winter wil hin weichen (Lochamer Liederbuch)
    Der Winter der wil weychen A22
    Mit ganczem willen A23
    Ascendus, descendus A24
  19. Hamburg Rondo A32
  20. Wach Auf Mein Hort Der Leucht Dorther A44
  21. Mit Ganczem Willen Wunsch Ich Dir A45
  22. O Clemens A46
  23. Des Klaffers Neyden A47
  24. Ellend Du Hast A48
  25. Benedicte Almechtiger Got A49
  26. Der Summer (Lochamer Liederbuch)
    Domit Ein Gut Jare A50
  27. Magnificat sexti toni A42
    Fundamentum organisandi A41
    Anavois A43

Performer: David Kinsela (1991 gold-strung Evans Clavicytherium)

Playing time: 77'

Recording date: July 1999 (Cooranbong NSW)

Numbers refer to the Corpus of Early Keyboard Music 1, edited by Willi Apel, which contains a transcription of all known sources of keyboard music of the 14th and 15th centuries — none of an earlier date being known — with the exception of two unusually large manuscripts, the Faenza Codex and the Buxheim Organ Book. Except for the Robertsbridge Codex (1320) and an English "Felix Namque," all sources are of German origin and date from the period c.1420-1460.

Information & comment from Florian Chevallot.

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Todd M. McComb