Music of Henri the VIII

Music of Henri the VIII (Complete Works)
[Pastyme with Good Companye - A program of Music of King Henry the VIII]
St. George's Canzona
Oryx EXP 57 [LP]
Desto DC 7187 [LP]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 1530 [LP]


  1. Pastyme with good companye
  2. Consort (XII) - instr. (recorders)
  3. Consort (VIII) - instr. (recorders)
  4. Adew madam et ma mastres
  5. Without dyscord
  6. Consort (XIII) - instr. (crumhorns, rebec)
  7. Consort (III) - instr. (recorder, rebecs)
  8. Whoso that wyll all feattes optayne - instr. (recorder, rebecs)
  9. Whoso that wyll for grace sew
  10. Consort (II) - instr. (cornetto, recorder, rebec)
  11. Gentil prince de renom (a)
  12. Gentil prince de renom (b)
  13. Consort (XVI) - instr. (rebecs)
  14. Consort (IV) - instr. (rebecs)
  15. Thow that men do call it dotage
  16. En vray amoure - instr. (rebecs, recorder)

  17. --------
  18. Helas madam
  19. If love now reynd - instr. (rebecs)
  20. Alac, alac what shall I do
  21. Consort (XXII) - instr. (rebecs, recorder)
  22. Consort (V) - instr. (rebecs, recorder)
  23. O my hart
  24. Alas what shall I do for love
  25. The Tyme of youthe - instr. (cornetto, recorder, rebec)
  26. Consort (XV) - instr. (cornetto, recorder, rebec)
  27. Taunder naken - instr. (crumhorns)
  28. Consort (XXIII) - instr. (recorders)
  29. Consort (XIV) - instr. (recorders)
  30. Lusti yough shuld us ensue

Performer: St. George's Canzona - John Sothcott, dir.
[Philip Langridge (tenor), John Whitworth (baritone), Derek Harrison (counter-tenor, rebec), Francis Grubb (baritone, rebec), John Lawes (recorder, crumhorn), Michael Oxenham (cornetto, recorders, crumhorns), John Sothcott (rebecs, recorders, crumhorn), Leila Ward (recorder, crumhorn, percussion)]

Playing time: 40:00

Recording site and date: Unknown [Feb. 1971]; rel. 1980

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 50/590-211 (july 1972)

Comments: Information from owned LP, Library of Congress for MHS release, & Jorge Salazar. Variant titles noted above.

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