Medieval and Renaissance Sounds, vol. IV

Renaissance sounds
Exploring the world of music - Songs, dances and instrumental music
Musica Antiqua - Michael Uridge, dir.
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Everest 3476 [LP]
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  1. Saltarello
  2. Edi bethu

  3. Rainboult de Vaquerias
  4. Kalenda maya

  5. Anon.
  6. Call to battle
  7. The king & his daughter

  8. Conrad Paumann
  9. Mit ganczem willen wufch ich dir

  10. Anon.
  11. Quant ien congneu a ma pensee
    J. Dalza
  12. Taster de corde & Pavana alla venetiana

  13. Anon., Gervaise collection
  14. All glory laud & honour
  15. Renaissance Song and Dance

    J. Von Burck:
  16. Now Will The Sound of Singing Tell

  17. Anon., The Gervaise collection of 1550:
  18. Bransles de Champaigne

  19. Anon., The Attaignant collection of 1530:
  20. Basse Dance: La Scarpa my faict mal (The ill-fitting shoe)

  21. Anon., 16h c.:
  22. The Frog Galliard

  23. Anon., The Attaignant collection of 1530:
  24. Basse Dance: Die Katze (The Cats)
  25. Branle

  26. Anon., The Hens-Praetorius collection of 1612:
  27. Hahnentanz
  28. Dance Suite - Erasmus Widman - Collection of 1613

    Erasmus Widemann Collection of 1613: Dance Suite
  29. Johana
  30. Regina
  31. Rosina
  32. Magdalena
  33. Margaretha
  34. Three English Songs for Voices and Instruments

    Anon., 15th c., The Coventry Carol.:
  35. Lully, Lullary

  36. Francis Pilkington:
  37. Diaphenia

  38. Thomas Forde:
  39. Now I See Thy Looks Were Feigned
  40. Instrumental Music of the Early Baroque

    Melchior Franck:
  41. Aufzug I
    Aufzug II

  42. Paul Peuerl:
  43. Schreittanz (Spring Dance)

  44. François Couperin:
  45. Le Rossignol en Amour

  46. Samuel Scheidt:
  47. Suite for Broken Consort

Playing time: 26'17" + 27'47"

Musica Antiqua - Michael Uridge, dir.
Michael Uridge (recorders, gemshorns, krummhorn, kortholts, Renaissance rackett, cornamuse,shawms, rauschpfeife, curtal)
Patrick Taylor(recorders, krummhorn, cornett, sackbut, shawm, Baroque rackett)
Margaret Taylor (recorders, krummhorn, kortholt, spinet)
Shirley Vaughn (viola da gamba)
Kevin Coates (violin, lute, mandolin)
David Hills (cello, recorders)
Neil Turner (organ, spinet, xylophone)
Muriel Vickers (percussion, glockenspiel)
Singers: Sheila Hills, Anne Metherel, Kathleen Moody, Deborah Moody, Dorothy Uridge, Muriel Vickers, Pamela Vaughn, Patrick Moody, Neil Turner, Peter Vaughn

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1977 or prior]; Rel. 1980

[10]-[28] Bescol CD 532 Medieval and Renaissance Songs and Dances

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Comments: Information from MELVYL & Jorge Salazar.

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