King of the Low Seas

King of the Low Seas
The Orpheus Circle
(aka "Gemma Musicale" - Hyperion title)
David Thomas & Anthony Rooley
Hyperion CDA 66079 [LP]
Musica Oscura 070974-2 [CD]


    Arias by Giovanni Puliaschi
  1. Locar sopra gl'abissi
  2. Pace non truovo
  3. Dunque e'pur ver ch'io viva
  4. Occhi meco piangete
  5. Dovro' dunque partire
  6. Deh mirate luce ingrate

  7. Arias by Giulio Caccini
  8. Muove si dolce
  9. Chi mi confort'ahime
  10. Io, che l'eta' solea viver
  11. Deh chi d'alloro
  12. O che felice giorne

Playing time: 52'27"

Performer: David Thomas (bass), Anthony Rooley (chitarrone)

Recording site and date: Unknown; May 1982

Comments: Information from owned CD and David Thomas.

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Jon Stringer