Greene: Songs and Keyboard Works

Maurice Greene: Songs and Keyboard Works
The Handel Circle
Emma Kirkby & Lars Ulrik Mortensen
Musica Oscura 070978


    Maurice Greene (1696-1755)
  1. Bel mirar
  2. The Rolling wheele (Sonnet V)
  3. How lo ng shall this (Sonnet VII)
  4. Sweet smsile (Sonnet XII)
  5. The love which me (Sonnet XIV)
  6. Faire ye be sure (Sonnet XIV)
  7. Like as the Culver (Sonnet XXV)
  8. Allegro in A minor
  9. Vivace in A minor
  10. Molto allegro in A minor
  11. Beauty, an Ode: Fair Rival
  12. (cont.)
  13. Aria con Variationi in A minor
  14. Battillo siediti
  15. Farfalletta festosetto
  16. Quanto contenta godi
  17. Nell'orror
  18. Voluntary VII in E flat major
  19. Orpheus with his lute
  20. Fair Sally
  21. Scots Sang
  22. Ye purple blooming Roses

Playing time: 75'24"

Performer: [Emma Kirkby (soprano), Lars Ulrik Mortensen (harpsichord), Ursula Weiss (violin), Iona Davies (violin), Martin Kelly (viola), Helen Gough (cello)]

Recording site and date: Forde Abbey, November 1994

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