The Oxford Anthology of Music - Ars Antiqua Polyphony

Medieval Music
The Oxford Anthology of Music - Ars Antiqua Polyphony
Pro Cantione Antiqua - Edgar Fleet, dir.
Oxford University Press OUP 164 [LP]
Peters International PLE 115 [LP]


  1. 37a. Strict simple organum at the fifth: Tu Patris sempiternus
    37b. Strict composite organum at the fourth: Tu Patris sempiternus
    37c. Strict composite organum at the fifth: Sit gloria Domini
    37d. Free organum: Rex caeli, Domine
    Anon., late 9th c., Musica Enchiriadis:
    37e. Free organum: Te humiles famuli

  2. Anon., late 10th c., School of Winchester:
  3. 38. Organum: Alleluia Te martyrum

  4. Anon., ca 1100, Ad Organum faciendum:
  5. 39. Organum: Alleluia Justus ut palma

  6. Anon., earlier 12th c., School of St Martial:
  7. 40. Organum: Rex omnia tenens
  8. 41. Organum: De monte lapis

  9. Anon., ca 1150, Codex Calixtinus:
  10. 42. Organum: Kyrie Rex immense, Pater

  11. Anon., ca 1170, School of Notre Dame:
  12. 43. Organum: Alleluia Non vos relinquam
    Anon., ca 1200, School of Notre Dame:
    Organum: Homo quo vigeas - Homo quo vigeas - Et gaudebit

  13. Anon., France, ca 1210:
  14. 44. Motet Hypocritae, pseudopontifices - Velut stellae firmamenti - Et gaudebit

  15. Anon., France, ca 1225:
  16. 45. Motet: Quant florist - El mois de Mai - Et gaudebit

  17. Anon., France, ca 1250:
  18. 46. Motet: Cil s'entremet - Nux hom porruit - Victimae paschali

  19. Franco de Cologna (?):
  20. 47. Motet: Psallat chorus - Eximie pater - Aptatur

  21. Anon., England, late 13th c.:
  22. 48. Motet: Excelsus in nomine - Benedictus Dominus
    Anon., England, early 14th c.:
    Motet: Virgo Maria
  23. 49. Motet: Caligo terra - Virgo Maria
  24. 50. Motet: O homo considera - O homo de pulvere - Filiae Jerusalem

  25. Anon., France, ca 1200:
  26. 51. Conductus: Pange melos lacrimosum

  27. Anon., France, early 12th c.:
  28. 52. Conductus: Deus in adjutorium

  29. Anon., France, ca 1210:
  30. 53. Conductus: Praemii dilatio
  31. 54. Conductus: Mundus vergens

  32. Anon., England, later 13th c.:
  33. 55. Conductus: Beata viscera

  34. Adam de la Halle:
  35. 56. Song: Hé, Diex! quant verrai

  36. Anon., England, later 13th c.:
  37. 57. Song: Edi beo thu

Playing time: ??' ??"

Pro Cantione Antiqua
Charles Brett (alto), Paul Esswood (alto), Timothy Penrose (alto), Kevin Smith (alto), Paul Elliot (tenor), John Elwes (tenor), James Griffett (tenor), James Lewington (tenor), Ian Partridge (tenor), Ian Caddy (bass), Brian Etheridge (bass), Michael George (bass), Christopher Keyte (bass), Stephen Roberts (bass)
Edgar Fleet, dir.

Recording site and date:
Charterhouse School Chapel [1978 or prior];
Rel.: 1978

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 56/669-1459 (february 1979)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 4/1-250 (sept./oct. 1980)

Information from LP.
The music on this record is taken from the volume "The Oxford Anthology of Music: Medieval Music", published by the Oxford University Press (examples 37-57). The anthology includes detailed commentaries on the piece here recorded.

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