Organs and Voices of Tudor England

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Organs and Voices of Tudor England
Magnus Williamson / Choir of Gonville and Cains College, Cambridge - Geoffrey Webber
OxRecs 101


    Times and Seasons: pre-Reformation organ music
  1. Avery Burnett: Te Deum laudamus
  2. ? Thomas Preston: A solis ortus cardine
  3. John Redford: Lucem tuam - Nunc dimittis (chant) - Lucem tuam
  4. Preston: Felix namque es, sacra virgo Maria

  5. In chamber and schoolroom: organ music in secular contexts
  6. Anon: The trowmppettus
  7. ? Richard Edwards: Where grypinge griefes
  8. John Sheppard: Vaine, all our lyfe we spend in vaine (editorial reconstruction)
  9. John Sheppard: Vaine, all our lyfe we spend in vaine (anonymous intabulation)
  10. Tallis: Fond youth is a bubble
  11. John Blitheman: Gloria tibi trinitas I
  12. Redford: O quam glorifica
  13. Tallis: Veni redemptor gentium
  14. John Blitheman: Gloria tibi trinitas II

  15. The Temple purg'd: sounds of Elizabethan Protestantism
  16. Anon: 81 psalme
  17. ? Thomas Mulliner: Psalmus - O Lord turn not away (harmonized by William Parsons, Thomas Caustun, John Farmer)
  18. Byrd: Ut re mi fa sol la
  19. Byrd: Teach me, O Lord
  20. Byrd: Magnificat
  21. Morley: Out of the deep
  22. Nicholas Carleton: A verse for two to play on one virginall or organs

Performers: Magnus Williamson (organ); Katy Butler, Karl Gietzmann, Clare Lloyd, Joelle Meakin, Charlotte Roberts, Felicity Weston (means); Hannah Cooke, Pierre Dechant, Joseph Harper, Matthew Knight, Joseph Mills, Helena Nicholls, Andrew Taylor (countertenors); John Herford, John Kelly, Alex Patton (tenors); Tom Faulkner, James Halliday, Sam Queen (basses); Francesca Massey (organ), Geoffrey Webber (organ, direction)

Playing time: 77'

Recording date: June 2005 (Cambridge)

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Todd M. McComb