Johannes Tourout

Portrait of an Imperial Cantor
Johannes Tourout
Cappella Mariana - Vojtech Semerád
Passacaille 1124 [CD]


  1. Adieu m'amour, adieu ma joye
  2. O generosa nata David
  3. O gloriosa regina mundi
  4. Mais que ce fut secretement
  5. O castitatis lilium
  6. O florens rosa
  7. Fors seulement
  8. O gloriosa regina mundi in varia prolationes species (instrumental)

  9. Magnificat quarti toni
  10. Magnificat - Et exultavit
  11. Magnificat: Quia respexit - Quia fecit
  12. Magnificat: Et misericordia - Fecit potentiam
  13. Magnificat: Deposuit potentes - Esurientes
  14. Magnificat: Suscepit Israel - Sicut locutus
  15. Magnificat: Gloria Patri - Sicut erat
  16. Anon: Mon oeil lamente (reconstructed)

  17. Missa Mon oeil
  18. Kyrie
  19. Gloria
  20. Sanctus
  21. Agnus Dei

Performers: Hana Blaziková (soprano), Barbora Kabátková (soprano), Vojtech Semerád (tenor, vielle), Ondrej Holub (tenor), Jaromír Nosek (bass), Jakub Kydlícek (recorders), Mélusine de Pas (viol)

Playing time: 75'

Recording date: January & April 2021 (Prague); released: 2022

This program concerns Johannes Tourout (fl.1460), cantor of the cappella of Emperor Frederick III, whose name has variously been rendered (per the liner notes) Tonrroutt, Thauranth, Tauront, Taurath, Torenth.... The most common spelling, prior to discovery of a document giving the current version, was apparently Touront. Meager biographical information suggests that he was from the diocese of Tournai.

The surviving mass cycle (4vv) does apparently include a Credo, but not as performed here. The three-voice Magnificat has been attributed hypothetically by Jaap van Benthem. And tracks #1, #4 & #7 do not survive with secular texts, but as sacred contrafacta, "reverse engineered" here.

The present ensemble had already included tracks by Tourout on prior albums. Some other programs featuring items from Tourout:

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