Music for Candlemas

Music for Candlemas
Gregorian Chant & Early 13th Century Polyphony from the École Notre-Dame
Passacaille 932


  1. Antiphon: Lumen ad revelationem gentium
  2. Antiphon: Ave gratia plena
  3. Antiphon: Adorna thalamum tuum, Syon
  4. Antiphon: Responsum accepit Symeon
  5. Antiphon: Hodie beata virgo Maria (organum)
  6. Ad Missam Magnum

  7. Introit: Suscepimus, Deus
    Psalm: Magnus Dominus
  8. Gradual: Suscepimus, Deus
    Verse: Sicut audivimus (organum)
  9. Alleluia
    Verse: Adorabo ad templum (organum)
  10. Offertory: Diffusa est gratia
  11. Communion: Responsum accepit Symeon
  12. Hymn: Ave maris stella (conductus)

Performers: Margot Kalse (voice), Penny Turner (voice), Jos Somsen (voice)

Playing time: 51'

Recording date: April 2000 (Siran, France)

Items are plainchant unless noted.

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Todd M. McComb