Utendal / De Monte: Motets

Utendal / De Monte: Motets
Capilla Flamenca / Oltremontanto - Bart Demuyt
Passacaille 937



  1. Alexander Utendal: Infima contemptum pariunt
  2. Philippus de Monte: Tulerunt Dominum meum
  3. De Monte: Beata es virgo Maria
  4. Utendal: Fratres expurgate
  5. De Monte: O mitissime Jesu
  6. Utendal: Adesto dolori meo
  7. De Monte: Si ambulavero in medio tribulationis
  8. Utendal: Plangent eum quasi unigenitum
  9. Utendal: Mors tua, mors Christi
  10. De Monte: Pulchra es et decora
  11. Utendal: In principio erat verbum


  1. Utendal: Infima contemptum pariunt
  2. Utendal: Adesto dolori meo
  3. Utendal: Mors tua, mors Christi
  4. Utendal: Fratres expurgate

Performers: Capilla Flamenca [Marnix de Cat, Steve Dugardin (countertenor); Jan Caals, Stephan Van Dyck (tenor); Lieven Termont (baritone); Dirk Snellings (bass)], Oltremontano [Doron Sherwin, Fiona Russell (cornett); Simen Van Mechelen, Joost Swinkels, Dominique Lortie, Wim Becu (trombone)].

Playing time: 57:32

Recording date: 16-18 February 2003 (Audio); 14 February 2003 (Video)

In addition to the works of Philippus de Monte, this recording presents works by his younger contemporary, Alexander Utendal. Utendal was vice-kapellmeister and court composer to Archduke Ferdinand of Tirol, the brother of Emperor Maximilian II. Utendal died prematurely in 1581, and his surviving oeuvre is much smaller than that of de Monte, but stylistically and qualitatively on a par with the works of the better-known master. The works here recorded are performed with a variety of forces: a capella (Beata es virgo maria, Plangent eum quasi unigenitum); first with instruments, then a capella (Adesto dolori meo); baritone soloist and instruments (Mors tua, mors Christi); instruments only (Fratres expurgate); and finally with voices and instruments (all other tracks), as was standard practice at the courts where Utendal and de Monte worked.

This CD is "enhanced" to include video tracks in addition to audio. The video tracks will only play on a PC and feature clips of live concerts and some rather peculiar artistic interpretations of Utendal's texts.

A recording devoted to Utendal:

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