A Treasury of Early Music

A Treasury of Early Music
(Live Concert Recordings, 1973-74 Series)
Musica Pacifica - Paul Vorwerk, dir.
Pacific Coast Friends of Music PCFM 1001 [LP]


    Guillaume Dufay
  1. C'est bien raison

  2. Francesco Landini
  3. Gram' piant' agli ochi

  4. Anon., England, 15h c.
  5. Sing we to this merry company

  6. Pierre de la Rue, Harmonice Musices Odhecaton
  7. Pourquoi non
    Jacob Obrecht, Harmonice Musices Odhecaton
    Tsat een meskin
    Antoine Bruhier, Harmonice Musices Odhecaton
    Latura tu

  8. Thomas Morley
  9. Fire, Fire !

  10. Heinrich Schütz
  11. Deutches Magnificat

  12. ----
    Guiot de Provins
  13. Molt me mervoil

  14. Anon., France, 13th c.
  15. In saeculum hoquetus

  16. Magister Perotinus
  17. Salvatoris Hodie

  18. Guillaume Dufay
  19. Gloria ad modum tubae

  20. William Byrd
  21. Fantasia a 3
    Browning a 3

  22. Henry Purcell
  23. In Guilty Night

Playing time: 29' 37" + 30' 20" = 59' 57"

Musica Pacifica [Ruth Adams (viols, vielle), Jonathan Mack (tenor), Shirley Marcus (viols, recorders, fiedel, rebec, krummhorns), Myron Myers (bass), William Rutherford (positiv, regal, harpsichord), Maurita Thornburgh (soprano), Paul Vorwerk (tenor / counter-tenor, percussion), Patricia Wood (viols, recorders, krummhorns, psaltery, positiv)] with Mary Rawcliffe (soprano), John Daley (sackbutt) and The Pacifica Singers (choral ensemble) - Paul Vorwerk, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1973-1974];
Rel.: 1975

Information from owned LP. This is a limited edition recording, not produced for commercial distribution.

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