Rossi and his Circle

Rossi and his Circle
Italian String Music of the Late Renaissance
Rebel Consort - Jörg-Michael Schwarz
PGM 118
Dorian 93184


  1. Marini: Sonata sopra La Monica (Op. 8; 1629)
  2. Rossi: Sonata sopra l'aria di Ruggiero (Libro III, 4; 1613)
  3. Rossi: Sonata prima (Libro IV; 1622)
  4. Rossi: Sonata seconda (Libro IV; 1622)
  5. Rossi: Sonata settima sopra l'aria d'un Balletto (Libro IV; 1622)
  6. Rossi: Sonata in Dialogo detta la Viena (Libro III, 6; 1613)
  7. Rossi: Sonata prima detta la Moderna (Libro III, 1; 1613)
  8. Buonamente: Sonata Quarta (Libro IV; 1626)
  9. Rossi: Sonata duodecima sopra la Bergamasca (Libro IV; 1622)
  10. Rossi: Sonata quinta sopra un aria Francese (Libro IV; 1622)
  11. Rossi: Sonata decima sopra l'aria Romanesca (Libro IV; 1622)
  12. Marini: Sonata la Foscarina con il tremolo (Op. 1; 1617)
  13. Buonamente: Sonata decima sopra Cavaletto zoppo (Libro IV, 10; 1626)
  14. Marini: Sonata prima (Op. 8; 1629)
  15. Rossi: Sinfonia (Libro I, p. 5 ii; 1607)
  16. Rossi: Sinfonia (Libro II, #2; 1608)
  17. Rossi: Galliarda detta la Zambalina (Libro II, #24; 1608)
  18. Rossi: Sinfonia (Libro II, #15; 1608)
  19. Rossi: Balletto & Galliarda (Libro II, #17; 1608)
  20. Buonamente: Le tanto tempo hormai (Libro IV, 49; 1626)

Performers: Jörg-Michael Schwarz (violin), Karen Marie Marmer (violin), Susie Napper (cello), Eric Milnes (harpsichord, organ), Mike Fentross (chitarrone, guitar)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: July 1997 (New York)

This collection features the music of Salomone Rossi (fl.1587-1628) in Mantua, as well that of Giovanni Battista Buonamente (d.1638) who seems to have been an associate of Rossi at the Gonzaga court. Also included are a few pieces by the great Venetian composer Biagio Marini (1597-1665). Rossi's music is highlighted to good effect, especially his early use of both continuo and the trio sonata format. The various forms of violin chamber music in the period are represented.

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Appendix: I knew Gabe Weiner, who founded PGM records, from the Internet and the newsgroup. This was really the first of his recordings which piqued my interest enough to seek out, and so I ordered it. Gabe died suddenly while this CD was in post-production, and so I never got my copy on PGM, and this file remained "under construction" for some time. The recording has now been issued on Dorian. I wanted to add this note to this file, which will continue to say "PGM" - Pro Gloria Musica. The liner notes also mention Gabe, at the very end. I knew him for several years, and he wrote the first "Classical Music FAQ" before there was a world wide web. It has really been that long. TMM - 7/16/99.

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