De Falla - Rafael Puyana

De Falla: Harpsichord Concerto - Rafael Puyana
First recording of works by Orbón, De Selma y Salaverde, de Arauxo
Rafael Puyana & various ensembles
Philips SAL 6505 001 [LP]


    Manuel de Falla
  1. Concerto per clavicembalo, flauto, oboe, clarinetto, violino e violoncello
    1. Allegro
    2. Lento (giubiloso ed energico)
    3. Vivace (flessibile, scherzando)

    Julián Orbón
  2. Tres Cantigas del Rey (Alfonso X, el Sabio)
    1. Cantiga 65: A creer devemos que todo pecado
    2. Cantiga 134: A Virgen en que é toda santidade
    3. Cantiga 133: Resurgir pode et fazel os seus vivel

  3. Rafael Puyana
  4. Partitas

  5. ----
    Fray Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde
  6. Canzona a 4 (sopra battaglia)

  7. Francisco Correa de Arauxo
  8. Quinto tiento de septimo tono

  9. Fray Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde
  10. Various works
    1. Gagliarda a 2
    2. Canzona per soprano solo
    3. Balletto a 2 e a 3
    4. Corrente a 3
    5. Corrente a 4
    6. Canzona a 3 (due tenori e basso)

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] Ensemble [Rafael Puyana (harpsichord), David Sandeman (flute), Neil Black (oboe), Thea King (clarinet), Raymond Cohen (violin), Terence Weill (cello)] - Charles Mackerras, cond.
[2] Heather Harper (soprano), Rafael Puyano (harpsichord), London Symphony String Quartet - Antal Dorati, cond.
[3] Rafael Puyana (harpsichord)
[4]-[6] Ensemble [Rafael Puyana (harpsichord), David Munrow (recorders, dulcian), Raymond Cohen (violin I), Nona Liddell (violin II), Patrick Ireland (viola), Terence Weil (cello), Oliver Brookes (violone), Deirdre Dundas-Grant (bassoon), Stephen Whittaker (percussion)]

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1972 or prior]; [2] Watford Town Hall [10 July 1964]
rel.: 1972

Information from owned LP.
Thanks to Jerry Murphy for bringing to my attention this title.
Date for track #2 according to the Dorati Society, which has also mentioned a Mercury pressing.

More comments from Ed Reichenbach:
The Orbon Partitas were recorded at Fine Recording Studio, NYC on December 6, 1966. This is indicated in the Mercury Discograpny of Michel Ruppli and Michael Novitsky, vol. IV page 699, Greenwood Prress 1993, and although Ruppli/Novitsky claim that the Partitas were left unissued, that they are wrong on this account is confirmed by the discography of the London Symphony Orchestra by Philip Stuart, now hosted on CHARM, under the entry for "Orbón: Tres Cantigas, 10 July 1964: Coupled with Orbón's Partitas, recorded by Puyana in the USA in Dec 66."
On December 7 1966, Puyana also recorded pieces of Cabezon and Arauxo, for which Ruppli/Novitsky do not provide any details and claim were also left unisued, but the Arauxo "Quinto tiento de septimo tono" on the LP could well have been the Arauxo piece recorded on that day. In fact your listing and other online information do not make it clear if the Quinto tiento is a piece for solo harpsichord or for ensemble as the two by Selma y Salaverde.
Contrary to what the Dorati society indicated, there was never any release of the Orbón Tres Cantigas under the Mercury label (unless they were refering to a "pressing" made by Mercury but published as that Philips LP).

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