Monteverdi: Madrigals, book VII

Monteverdi: Madrigals, book VII
Soli, Choirs and Instrumental Ensemble of Glyndebourn Opera - Raymond Leppard, dir.
Philips 6747 416 [3 LPs]


    Claudio Monteverdi: Madrigals, Book VII
    Precise content is not known, but David Munrow performs one selection on side one, track three: "A quest' olmo".

Playing time: ??' ??

Sheila Armstrong (soprano), Norma Burrowes (soprano), Sandra Browne (mezzo-soprano), Patricia Kern (mezzo-soprano), Anne Collins (contralto), Alfreda Hodgson (contralto), Ryland Davies (tenor), Alexander Oliver, (tenor), Benjamin Luxon (baritone), Robert Lloyd (bass), David Munrow (recorder), Robert Spencer (lute), John Constable (harpsichord), Joy Hall (violoncello), John Alldis Choir & English Chamber Orchestra - Raymond Leppard, cond.

Recording site and date: Unknown [1977 or prior]

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Comments: Information from IUCAT and GMAB.

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