Nutmeg and Ginger

Nutmeg and Ginger
Spicy Ballades of Shakespeare's London
Musicians of the Globe - Philip Pickett
Philips 456 507


  1. William Wighthorpe: Daphne (setting à 5)
  2. Anon: Nutmeg and Ginger (setting for mixed consort)
  3. Anon: Watkins Ale (setting for voice and mixed consort)
  4. Valentin Haussmann: (Nancie) (setting à 5)
  5. Anon: The London Prentice (to the tune of Nancie)
  6. Anon: Greensleeves (setting for 2 lutes)
  7. Giles Farnaby: Loath to depart (keyboard seting)
  8. Anon: The Cutpurse (tune adapted from Packington's Pound)
  9. William Wingthorpe: (Daphne) (seting à 5)
  10. Anon: The Miller (to the tune of Nutmeg and Ginger)
  11. Anon: Fortune my foe (setting for mixed consort)
  12. Anon: Lie still, my dear (to the tune of Loath to depart, setting for voice and lute)
  13. John Dowland: Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (setting for 3 lutes)
  14. Anon: How can the tree (setting for soprano and 4 viols, words by Thomas Lord Vaux)
  15. Valentin Haussmann: Pavan (setting à 5 based on Roland/Lord Willoughby)
  16. Valentin Haussmann: Galliard (setting à 5 based on Roland/Lord Willoughby)
  17. Thomas Campion: Go, silly note (for voice and lute)
  18. William Wingthorpe: Come hither (setting à 5 to the tune of Roland/Lord Willoughby)
  19. Anon: Dulcina (for voice with mixed consort)
  20. George Mason or John Earsden: Dido was the Carthage queen (setting for voice and lute)
  21. Benjamin Cosyn: Packington's Pound (setting for keyboard)
  22. Anon: Sellinger's Round (setting for mixed consort)

Performers: Joanne Lunn (soprano), Sally Bruce-Payne (mezzo-soprano), Paul Agnew (tenor), Roderick Williams (baritone), Gary Cooper (virginals, harpsichord), Jacob Heringman (lute), Tom Finucane (lute)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: May 1996 (Henry Wood Hall, London)

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