The Renaissance Quartet

The Renaissance Quartet
Top Hits... c1420-1635 A.D.
The Renaissance Quartet
Project 3 Total Sound PR 7000 SD [LP]


    Music for 12th Night
  1. Though Philomena Lost Her Love (Thomas Morley)
  2. The Nightingale (Thomas Weelkes)
  3. A Robyn, Gentil Robyn (William Cornysh)
  4. Witches' Dance (Anon., from Macbeth)
  5. Farewell, Sweet Love (Robert Jones)
  6. Remember, O Thou Man (Thomas Ravenscroft)
  7. A Jig (Francis Cutting)
  8. O Mistresse Mine (Morley)

  9. Dufay
  10. Bon jour, bon mois
  11. Festum nunc celebre
  12. Craindre vous vueil
  13. Vergine bella
    Spanish Christmas Villancicos
  1. Verbum caro factum est (Anon.)
  2. ¡Que buen año! (Guerrero)
  3. Gozate Virgen sagrada (Anon.)
  4. E la don don (Anon.)

  5. English
  6. Quid petis of fili (Richard Pygott)
  7. The Night Watch (Anthony Holborne)
  8. Hayl, Mary, Full of Grace (Anon., Medieval English carol)
  9. Clangat tuba (Anon., Medieval English carol)

  10. German Renaissance
  11. Es Ist Ein' Ros' (Praetorius)
  12. Nun Freut Euch (Walther)

Playing time: 42' 24"

The Renaissance Quartet
Joseph Iadone (lute), Barbara Mueser (viola da gamba), Morris Newman (recorders), Robert White (singer)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1966 or prior];
Rel. 1966

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