Monteverdi: Scherzi musicali.

400th Anniversary Album: Claudio Monteverdi
Scherzi musicali
Cuénod, Bressler, Rondeleux, New York Chamber soloists
Project 3 Total Sound PR 7001 SD [LP]


    Claudio Monteverdi

  1. Scherzi musicali (1607): O Rosetta
  2. Scherzi musicali (1607): Eri già tutta mia
  3. Scherzi musicali (1607): Giovinetta ritrosetta
  4. Scherzi musicali (1607): I bei legami
  5. Ariose vaghezze (1624): La mia turca Che damor.
  6. Scherzi musicali (1607): Fugge 'l verno
  7. Scherzi musicali (1632): Io ch'amato sin hor
  8. Scherzi musicali (16??): La violetta
  9. Scherzi musicali (1607): Damigella tutta bella
  10. Scherzi musicali (1632): Ecco di dolci raggi
  11. Scherzi musicali (1607): Lidia spina del mio core
  12. Scherzi musicali (1607): Maledetto sia l'aspetto
  13. Scherzi musicali (1607): Amorosa pupilletta
  14. Dolci miei sospiri
  15. Scherzi musicali (1607): Quel sguardo sdegnosetto
  16. Balletto: Della Bellezza

Playing time: 38' app.

[1], [6], [9], [11], [13]-[14], [16] Hugues Cuénod (tenor)
[5], [10], [15] Albert Fuller (harpsichord)
[7], [12] Joseph Iadone (lute)
[1], [6], [8]-[9], [11], [16] John Solum (flute, piccolo)
also with Charles Bressler, Louis Jacques Rondeleux and members of the New York Chamber soloists.

Recording site and date:
Fine Sound Studio, Great Northern Hotel, West 57th Street, New York City. [021967];
Rel.: 1967

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Information from LC ,NSA, Worldcat; some data may be inaccurate. Further informations provided by John Solum (e-mail):
« I was the flautist/piccoloist [in] .... Monteverdi 400th anniversary album. I can provide some further information about this recording. At least six of the scherzi (i.e. those in which I was involved) were recorded on Feb. 21, 1967 at Fine Sound Studio, Great Northern Hotel, West 57th Street, New York City. The producer was Enoch Light. The six scherzi in which I participated were O Rosetta, Fugge il verno, La violetta, Damigella tutta bella, Lidia spina, and Balletto. It is possible that Cuenod did not sing in all six of these works, and there must have been other sessions on the days preceding or following to record the other ten scherzi on the album ... »

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