Historical Anthology of Music: Early medieval music (Part 1)

Historical Anthology of Music
Early Medieval Music (Part 1)
The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum - Howard M. Brown, dir.; The University of Kentucky Collegium Musicum - Wesley K. Morgan, dir.; St. Meinrad Archabbey Schola Cantorum - Rev. Columba Kelly, O.S.B., dir.
Pleiades P 247 [LP, stereo]


  1. -8a. Ode for Christmas
    -8b. Hymn for the Octoechos

  2. Ambrosian
  3. -9a. Aeterne rerum conditor
    -9b. Aeterna Christi munera

  4. Ambrosian / Gregorian
  5. -10. Eructavit

  6. Gregorian
  7. -11. Psalm 146 with AntiphonEructavit
  8. -12. Gradual: Haec Dies
  9. -13. Alleluia: Angelus Domini
  10. -14. Responsorium
  11. -15a. Kyrie
    -15b. Kyrie-Trope: Omnipotens

  12. Balbulus
  13. -16a. Christus hunc diem
    -16b. Victimae paschali laudes
    St. Victor
    -16c. Jubilemus Salvatori

  14. Anon.
  15. -17a. Song of the Ass
    -17b. Christo psallat
    -17c. Beata viscera
    -17d. Sol oritur

  16. Marcabru
  17. -18a. Pax in Domine
    Bernart de Ventadorn
    -18b. Be m'an perdut
    Guiraut de Bornelh
    -18c. Reis Glorios
    Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
    -18d. Kalenda maya

  18. Richard Coeur-de-Lion
  19. -19a. Ja nuns hons pris
    Perrin d'Agincourt
    -19b. Quant voi en la fin d"estey
    -19c. Douce Dame
    -19d. En ma Dame

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1]-[9] St. Meinrad Archabbey Schola Cantorum [Rev. Columba Kelly, O.S.B. (soloist), Rev. Blaise Hettich, O.S.B. (soloist), Br. Zachary de Bernardi, O.S.B., Frater Novice Michael Bolte, O.S.B., Br. Samuel Weber, O.S.B., Frater Novice Richard Miller, O.S.B., Br. Brian Johnson, O.S.B., Br. Josiah Bova, Charles R. Eder, Stephen A. McCallister, Harry E. Nichols, Michael J. Barras, Stephen T. Jarrell, Claude Hayden Shirley III, Steven P. Rohifs, Rev. Simeon Daly, O.S.B., Br. Tobias Colgan, O.S.B. (soloist), Br. Christian Rich, O.S.B., Br. Chrysostom Conway, O.S.B., Br. Noah Casey, O.S.B., Br. Kieran Kleczewski, O.S.B., Br. Guy Mancini, O.S.B., Novice Richard Smith, O.S.B., Novice John Fassero, O.S.B.] - Rev. Columba Kelly, O.S.B., dir.
[10]-[11] The University of Kentucky Collegium Musicum [Melissa Baber (soprano), William Howell (tenor), Aimo Kivienemi (tenor), David Davenport (percussion), Laurienne Depew (treble viol), John Drew (sackbut), Kristine Forney (recorders), Richard Hamilton (organ), Wesley Morgan (tenor viol), Cathy Ogletree (lute), Catherine Oleksa (harp, recorder), William Prizer (krummhorn), Mark Tate (percussion)] & Linda Lovig (soprano, guest artist) - Wesley K. Morgan, dir.
[12] The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum [Kathleen Terbeek (soprano), Vittorio Zolezzi (tenor), James L. Mack (bass), Jan Austin (harp), Marjorie Benson (organetto), Howard Brown (recorders), Clayton Crawford (lute), Sonia Csaszar (viol, medieval fiddle), Richard Ettelson (percussion)] - Howard M. Brown, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1], [2 (-9b.)], [3], [5], [7]-[8] St. Meinrad Archabbey [1968]
[2 (-9a)], [4], [6], [9] St. Meinrad Archabbey [1974]
[10]-[11] Unknown [1976 or prior]
[12] Bond Chapel [11/1974]

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Information from original LP owned by Université Laval, Quebec, Canada
The numbered items listed here are found in chapters 1 and 2, pp. 10-17 "Historical Anthology of Music", (HAM) by T. Davison and Willi Apel (2 vols., Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press)
The content of this LP is not the same but similar to Orpheus (MHS) OR 349 History of European Music - Part 1: Music of the Early Middle Ages, vol. 1

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