Historical Anthology of Music: Late Medieval Music

Historical Anthology of Music in Performance
Late Medieval Music
The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum - Howard M. Brown, dir.; Southern Illinois University Collegium Musicum - Wesley K. Morgan, dir.
Pleiades P 250 [LP, stereo]


    Anon., 14th c.
  1. -42. Sumer Is Icumen In

  2. Anon., Roman de Fauvel
  3. -43. Detractor est

  4. Guillaume de Machaut:
  5. -44. S'il estoit nulz
  6. -45. Je puis trop bien
  7. -46a. Comment qu'a moy
    -46b. Plus dure

  8. Selesses:
  9. -47. En atendant

  10. Baude Cordier:
  11. -48a. Amans ames
    -48b. Belle bonne

  12. Jacopo da Bologna:
  13. -49. Non al suo amante

  14. Giovanni da Florentia:
  15. -50. Nel mezzo
  16. -51. Io son un pellegrin

  17. Ghirardello da Firenze
  18. -52. Tosto che l'alba

  19. Francesco Landini:
  20. -53. Amor c'al tuo suggetto
  21. -54. Sy dolce non sono

  22. Johannes Ciconia:
  23. -55. Et in terra pax

  24. Johannes Legrant:
  25. -56. Credo

  26. Anon., School of Worcester
  27. -57a. Alleluia psallat
    -57b. Gloria in excelsis

  28. Anon., School of Worcester
  29. -58. Organ Estampie
  30. -59a. Lamento di Tristan, with Rotta
    -59b. Saltarello

  31. Oswald von Wolkenstein:
  32. -60. Der May

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1]-[3], [5 (-46a)], [6]-[13], [16], [18] The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum [Judith Nelson (soprano), Steven Crockett (counter-tenor), Robert Heinrickson (tenor), Roger Weiss (tenor), William Lycan (bass), Arthur Schuller (bass), Howard M. Brown (recorder, viola da gamba), David Eisenbud (viola da gamba)] - Howard M. Brown, dir.
[4], -[3], [14]-[15], 5 (-46b)], [17], [19] Southern Illinois University Collegium Musicum [Peggy Parkinson (soprano), Raeschelle Potter (soprano), Barbara Boedges (alto), Janice Hedlund (alto), Kathryn Grimmer (alto-tenor, violin), Kent Hedlund (tenor), Paige Nealy (tenor), Nicholis Butter (violoncello), Nancy Jarrell (viola), Karen Paulsen (violin), Marianne Webb (organ)] - Wesley K. Morgan, dir., Barbara Boedges, Assist.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1969 or prior]

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Information from original LP owned by Université Laval, Quebec, Canada
The numbered items listed here are found in chapters 3, pp. 44-65 "Historical Anthology of Music", by T. Davison and Willi Apel (2 vols., Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press)
The content of this LP is not the same but similar to Orpheus (MHS) OR 437 History of European Music - Part 2: Music of Late Middle Ages, vol. 4

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