Historical Anthology of Music: Early and Late 15th-Century Music

Historical Anthology of Music in Performance
Early and Late 15th-Century Music
The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum - Howard M. Brown, dir.; Southern Illinois University Collegium Musicum - Wesley K. Morgan, dir.
Pleiades P 251 [LP, stereo]


    Early 15th Century Music

    John Dunstable
  1. -61. O rosa bella
  2. -62. Sancta Maria

  3. Leonel Power
  4. -63. Sanctus et Benedictus qui venit

  5. Damett
  6. -64. Beata Dei Genitrix

  7. Guillaume Dufay
  8. -65. Alma redemptoris mater

  9. Guillaume Dufay: Missa "L'homme armé"
  10. -66b. Kyrie
    -66c Agnus Dei

  11. Guillaume Dufay
  12. -67. Mon chier amy
  13. -68. Adieu m'amour

  14. Gilles Binchois
  15. -69. De plus en plus
  16. -70. Files à marier

  17. Arnold de Lantins
  18. -71. Puisque je voy

  19. Hugo de Lantin
  20. -72. Ce jeusse fait
  21. Late 15th Century Music

    Johannes Ockeghem: Missa "L'homme armé"
  22. -73a. Kyrie
    -73b. Agnus Dei

  23. Johannes Ockeghem
  24. -74. Ma maitresse
  25. -75. Ma bouche rit

  26. Jacob Obrecht
  27. -76a. O beate Basili
    Loyset Compere
    -76b. O vos omnes

  28. Jacob Obrecht: Missa "Sine Nomine"
  29. -77a. Kyrie I
    -77b. Agnus Dei II

  30. Jacob Obrecht
  31. -78. Tsaat een meskin

  32. Loyset Compere
  33. -79. Royne du ciel

  34. Johannes Finck
  35. -80. Veni sancte spiritus - Veni creator spiritus

  36. ????
  37. -81. No reference on sleeve

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1]-[2], [4]-[5], [7]-[16], [18]-[20] The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum [Susan Becker (soprano), Judith Nelson (soprano), Jane Ziff (alto), Steven Crockett (counter-tenor), Gene Arian Hill (counter-tenor), Robert Heinrickson (tenor), Roger Weiss (tenor), William Lycan (bass), Arthur Schuller (bass), Howard M. Brown (viola da gamba), David Eisenbud (recorder, viola da gamba), Robert Heinrikson (viola da braccio)] - Howard M. Brown, dir.
[3], [6], [17], [21] Southern Illinois University Collegium Musicum [Mary K. Gornatti (soprano), Sharon Marlow (soprano), Peggy Parkinson (soprano), Milliscent Swift (soprano), Kathryn Grimmer (alto), Susan McClary (alto), Raeschelle Potter (alto), John Latta (counter-tenor), James McNary (tenor), Paige Nealy (tenor), Glenn Bater (bass), Gerhard Magnus (bass), John Porbeck (bass), Gary Chott (trombone), Marianne Webb (organ)] - Wesley K. Morgan, dir., Gerald Podraza, Assist.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1969 or prior]

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Information from original LP owned by Université Laval, Quebec, Canada; corrections by Scott D. Atwell
The numbered items listed here are found in chapters 4 and 5, pp. 65-84 "Historical Anthology of Music", by T. Davison and Willi Apel (2 vols., Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press)
The content of this LP is not the same but similar to Orpheus (MHS) OR 438 History of European Music - Part II (rec. 2) & Orpheus (MHS) OR 439 History of European Music - Part II (rec. 3)

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