Historical Anthology of Music: Late 15th-Century and Early 16th-Century Music

Historical Anthology of Music in Performance
Late 15th-Century and Early 16th-Century Music
The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum - Howard M. Brown, dir.; Southern Illinois University Collegium Musicum - Wesley K. Morgan, dir. & Christopher Williams
Pleiades P 252 [LP, stereo]


    Late 15th-Century Music

    Anon., Glogauer Liederbuch
  1. -82. Quodlibet: O rosa bella
  2. -83a. (no title)
    -83b. Der neue Bauernschwanz

  3. Anon., Tablature of Adam Ileborgh
  4. -84a. Preambulum in G
    -84b. Preambulum Super D, A, F et G
    Anon., Buxheimer Orgelbuch
    -84c. Preambulum super G
    -84d. Preambulum super C
    Anon., Tablature of Leonhard Kleber
    -84e Preambulum in mi
    -84f Preambulum in ré
  5. 85. Tapster, Drinker

  6. Cornysh
  7. 86a. A dew, a dew
    86b. I have been a foster
  8. Early 16th-Century Music

    Heinrich Isaac
  9. -87. Zwischen Berg und tiefem Tal
  10. -88. Instrumental canzona

  11. Josquin Desprez: Missa "L'homme armé" (?)
  12. -89. Mensuration canon: Agnus Dei
  13. -90. Tu pauperum refugium
  14. -91. Faulte d'argent

  15. Pierre de la Rue
  16. -92. Kyrie I & II

  17. Hofhaimer
  18. -93. Mein's traurens ist

  19. Fogliano
  20. -94. Ave Maria

  21. Trombocino
  22. -95a. Non val aqua
    Jusquin D'ascanio (Josquin Desprez ?)
    -95b. In te Domine

  23. Anon.
  24. -96. Canto Carnascialesco: Per scriptores

  25. Milan
  26. -97a. Oh dulce
    -97b. Durandarte, Durandarte

  27. Juan del Encina
  28. 98a. Congoxa mas que cruel
    -98b. Pues que jamás olvidaros
    -98c. Mas vale trocar

  29. Dalza
  30. 99a. Tastar de corde con il ricercar dietro
    99b. Ricercar

  31. Schlick
  32. -100. Salve Regina
  33. -101. Maria Zart

  34. F. De la Torre
  35. -102a. Alta
    -102b. Spanyõler Tanz

  36. Anon.
  37. -103. English Dompe: My Lady Carey's dompe
  38. -104. (French Pavane)

Playing time: ??' ??"

[2], [4]-[6], [8]-[10], [12]-[17], [21 (-102a)] The University of Chicago Collegium Musicum
Susan Becker (soprano), Judith Nelson (soprano), Barbara Pearson (soprano), Steven Crockett (counter-tenor), Robert Heinrickson (tenor), Roger Weiss (tenor), William Lycan (bass), Arthur Schuller (bass), Howard M. Brown (recorder, viola da gamba), David Eisenbud (recorder, viola da gamba), Robert Heinrikson (medieval fiddle, rebec), Myriam Barkin (recorder, Dale Good (recorder), Michael Shapiro (recorder), Helen Walker (recorder)
Howard M. Brown, dir.
[1], [3], [7], [11]. [19]-[20], [21 (-102b.)]-[23] Southern Illinois University Collegium Musicum
Mary K. Gornatti (soprano), Sharon Marlow (soprano), Peggy Parkinson (soprano), Milliscent Swift (soprano), Kathryn Grimmer (alto), Susan McClary (alto), Raeschelle Potter (alto), John Latta (counter-tenor), James McNary (tenor), Paige Nealy (tenor), Glenn Bater (bass), Gerhard Magnus (bass), John Porbeck (bass), Gary Chott (trombone), Marianne Webb (organ)
Wesley K. Morgan, dir., Gerald Podraza, assist. dir.
[18] Christopher Williams (lute)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1970 or prior];
Rel.: 1970 or prior

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Information from LP
The numbered items listed here are found in chapters 5 and 6, pp. 85-106 "Historical Anthology of Music", by T. Davison and Willi Apel (2 vols., Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press)

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