Miri it is

Miri it is
English Medieval Music from the 13th & 14th Centuries
Noyse of Musitians - Philip Astle & Paul Williamson
Plant Life Records PLR 043 [LP]


    Side 1
  1. Angelus ad virginem (bagpipes, shawm, large tabor)
  2. Brid one breere (baritone, psaltery, harp, alto rebec)
  3. Ductia (pipe and tabor, tenor rebec, timbrel)
  4. Lullay lullay (baritone, psaltery, bells)
  5. Estampie (treble and tenor rebec, nakers)
  6. Miri it is (baritone, bone pipe, bells)
  7. Estampie (positive organ)
    Side 2
  1. Gabriel fram heven-king (baritone, psaltery)
  2. Ductia (alto and tenor rebec, bells)
  3. Ar ne kuth ich sorghe non (baritone, harp)
  4. Ductia (bagpipe, shawm, trumpets, nakers)
  5. Edi be thu (baritone, symphony)
  6. Estampie (Retrové) (positive organ)
  7. Fuweles in the frith (baritone, alto rebec, bone pipe)

Playing time: 45' 11"

Noyse of Musitians - Philip Astle & Paul Williamson, dirs.
Philip Astle (treble and alto rebec, symphony, pipe and tabor, trumpet, chime bells, tabor)
Paul Williamson (tenor rebec, psaltery, bone pipe, bagpipe, chime bells, timbrel, baritone)
Paul Hillier (baritone, harp)
Alan Wilson (positive organ)
Philip Thorby (alto shawm)
Stephen Henderson (nakers)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [10-11/1982]

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