Al Manere Minstrelsy

Al Manere Minstrelsy
The Medieval Players - Andrew Watts, dir.
Plant Life PLR 052 [LP]


    Anon., France, ca 1300
  1. La Quint Estampie Royale
  2. Ductia
  3. La Septime Estampie Reale

  4. Anon., Germany
  5. Anni Novi Novitas (ca 1360)
  6. In Seculum Longum (1260-1290)

  7. Anon., England, ca 1200
  8. Sancta Mater Graciae
  9. Ye have so long keepyt o the scheep

  10. Anon., Italy, ca 1400
  11. Istampitta Tre Fontane

  12. ----
    Jean Vaillant
  13. Par Maintes Foys

  14. Anon., France, mid 15th c.
  15. La Tricotée

  16. Tyting, ca 1450
  17. Tandernaken

  18. Jacques Barbireau
  19. Een Vroylic Wesen

  20. Anon., Cancionero de Palacio, early 16th c.
  21. Jancu Janto

  22. Jacques Moderne
  23. Bransle simple (ca 1500)
    Claude Gervaise
    Bransle de Champaigne (1555)
    Jacques Moderne
    Bransle Gay

  24. Anon., Pierre Attaignant, publ., ca 1494-1552
  25. Le Coeur est Bon

  26. Anon., Tielman Susato, publ., 1551
  27. Le Couer est Bon

  28. Adrian Willaert
  29. Baises Moy

  30. Anon., Mulliner Book
  31. La Bounette
    La Shy Mise

  32. Claude Gervaise
  33. Bransle de Poictou
    Branles de Champaigne

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Medieval Players
Imogen Barford (harp, psaltery), Graham Christopher (percussion), Tom Finucane (lute), Stephen Jones (rebec), Giles Lewin (rebec, recorder, percussion), David Miller (lute), Andrew Watts (shawm, bagpipes, recorder, psaltery), Jeremy West (bagpipes, recorder)
Andrew Watts, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1983 or prior];
Rel.: 1983

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