Cautivo de amor

Cautivo de amor – Moaxajas de Al-Andalus en Egipto
Ibn Sana Al-Mulk (1155-1211)
Música Antigua – Eduardo Paniagua, dir.
Pneuma « Colección Al-Andalus (Al-Andalus Oriente) » PN-1040 [CD]


    Anon., traditional egyptian melody
  1. Perdidos de amor – Hope Lessly in Love (instr.)

  2. Anon., improv. traditional egyptian melody / Ibn Sana Al-Mulk (text)
  3. En mis sueños te alcancé – I Reached you in my Dreams

  4. Anon., traditional egyptian melody, sufi / Ibn Sana Al-Mulk (text)
  5. Que dulzura – Such Sweetness

  6. Anon., improv. on a Malouf melody from Tunis
  7. Obsesión de amor – Obsessed by Love (instr.)

  8. Anon., traditional egyptian melody
  9. Vino generoso – Full-bodied wine (instr.)

  10. Anon., traditional egyptian melody, sufi / Ibn Sana Al-Mulk (text)
  11. El amor, amarga dulzura – Love, Bitter Sweetness

  12. Anon., trad. egyptian melody and Cantiga 322 de Alfonso X el Sabio, 1265 / Ibn Sana Al-Mulk (text)
  13. Cautivo de amor – Captive of Love

Música Antigua
Saleeb Fawzy (voice, tabla), Amin Sahin (arghul), Wafir Shaikheldine (lute, derbuka, req, coro y palmas), Eduardo Paniagua (derbuka, tar, coro y palmas)
Guest performers: David Mayoral (derbuka), Jaime Muñoz (mizmar (bombarde), kaval)
Eduardo Paniagua, dir.

Playing time: 55' 53"

Recording site and date:
Cairo [2008];
Rel.: 2008

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