Maqamat Zíryáb

Maqamat Zíryáb
Desde el Eúfrates al Guadalquivir – From Euphrates to the Guadalquivir
Naseer Shamma
Pneuma « Colección Al-Andalus (Al-Andalus Oriente) » PN-480 [CD]



  1. "Dau' ar-ruh" (Light of the soul) - Maqám Hiyáz
  2. Hilal as-Sabá
  3. Dance of the Horse - Maqám Naháwand
  4. Awshar - Maqám Awshar
  5. Discourse of the soul - Maqám Ajam
  6. Maqam Rast
  7. "Zada al-Garam" (Love grew) - Maqám Naháwand

Naseer Shamma (lute)

Playing time: 65' 01"

Recording site and date:
Madrid, Spain [11/2002];
Rel.: 2003

Reviewed in:
Goldberg (#-p.): 26-84 (winter 2003)

Information from CD.
Lute improvisations, variations and compositions on the modes (maqamat) that Zíryáb brought from Baghdad to Cordoba more than one thousand years ago.

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