Hilal - Crescent Moon - Luna Creciente
Arab Chamber Music
Naseer Shamma & Oyoun, Arab Chamber Music
Pneuma « Colección Al-Andalus (Al-Andalus Oriente) » PN-760 [CD]


  1. Hali Bihi Yahlu (He fills my Spirit to the Brim)
  2. Bein elnakhil (Amid the Palm Trees)
  3. Halat wayd (In a State of Passion)
  4. Hilal al Saba
  5. Zaman al-Nahawand (The Time of Nahawand)
  6. Taalim Huviyya (The Precepts of the Houri)
  7. Ishraq (Illumination)
  8. Lil Ruh hadith (The Discourse of the Soul)
  9. Subhan el dayem (He is the Eternal One)

Oyoun, Arab Chamber Music
Naseer Shamma ('ud), Sabir Abdel-Sattar (qanun), Hani Al-Badri (ney), Al-Ghandoor Hussein (violin), Said Kamal (violin), Walid Yahya (violin), Imadel Deen Abel-Monim (cello), Salah Rajab (contrabass), Omar Mustafa (req)
Naseer Shamma, dir.

Playing time: 58' 39"

Recording site and date:
Studio Axis-Madrid, Spain [03/2005];
Rel. 2005

[9] Pneuma PN-800 [CD] Puentes sobre el Mediterráneo: Dialogo musical de las culturas medievales del Mediterráneo

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