Entre el Cielo y la Tierra

Entre el Cielo y la Tierra – Between Heaven & Earth
Mugam de Azcerbayán
Aygun Baylar
Pneuma « Colección Al-Andalus (Al-Andalus Oriente) » PN-830 [CD]


    Mugam from Adzerbaijan

  1. Alagez. Mugam Byaty-Shiraz / El primer amor. The First Love. Music: Habil Aliyev
  2. Deja que el Alma viva. Let the Soul Live.
  3. Music: Haji Khanmammadov. Lyrics: Mikail Mushvig
  4. Banovsha. Folk Dance
  5. Te fuiste con las aguas. You've Gone with the Waters. Mugam Seydah Las montañas de Shusha. The Mountains of Shusha
  6. Las noches de Bakú. Baku Nights. Music: Alekper Tagiyev
  7. ¡Cuanta belleza! Oh, What Beauty!. Mugam Mahur Rengy. Tesnif
  8. Nubes de tú cabello. Clouds of Your Hair. Mugam Shushter. Gatar Tesnif

Aygun Baylar (voice, pandero, daf), Asadullayev Togrul Mirnazim Oglu (kamanche), Gurbanov Rovshan Oktay (tar)

Playing time: 61' 46"

Recording site and date:
[1]-[5] Studio Axis-Madrid [03/2006]
[6]-[7] Live concert in Madrid [03/2006];
Rel.: 2006

Excerpts from
[6] Pneuma « Colección Historica (Tres culturas) » PN-1200 [CD] Cantos de Mujeres en las Tres Culturas / Female voices in the three cultures – Spanish Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Middle Ages

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